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Lite version of basic programs for the treatment and simulation of EPR spectra of paramagnetic centers in crystals: View_spw, Fields, FAIW, CosEul, documentation file, as well as examples of input and output files, which you can use for program testing.
To install the programs you should simply download the file and unzip it.
since the programs create data and picture files, for the installation you should choose a directory, which is not protected by an administrator for writing.

Tutorial_Basics.pdf 4 MB

Definitions and notations, description of Spin-Hamiltonian, destination of programs, interrelations of programs of the Visual EPR package, files and their extensions, and basic solutions used in the programs.

Tutorial_FAIW.pdf 5MB

Description of Fields-Angles-Intensities-Widths (FAIW) program, principles of comparison experimental and calculated angular dependences, quick start, menu and speed buttons, features of editing angular dependence and extraction of selected points for fitting.

Tutorial_Fields.pdf 6 MB Description of spin-Hamiltonian used, principles of calculation of energy levels and resonance magnetic fields, menu, speed buttons, and toolbars, the spreadsheet for input data file and road map simulation, features of simulation of angular dependencies for a plane and road map and adjustment of calculated and measured angular dependencies of resonance fields.
Tutorial_View_spw.pdf 7 MB

Description of the viewer for spectra for Windows (View_spw.exe), principles of viewing and comparison of spectra, quick start, menu and toolbars, treatment of spectra (integrals and derivative, filtering, baseline correction and peak-picking, resolution enhancement) decomposition to separate lines and algebraic operations, creation of a file with a dependence.

Visual_EPR.pdf 3 Mb Short description of menu, toolbars and features of "Visual EPR" programs.
2015_Calendar.pdf 2 MB 2015 calendar with screenshots of results of  "Visual EPR" programs.
License_agreement.pdf 1_MB License agreement for users of  "Visual EPR" programs.

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