Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Requirements to the computer
  2. Start and run
  3. Extensions of input and output data files
  4. Lite (demonstration) versions
  5. Why you need "Visual EPR" programs?

Requirements to the computer

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The faster computer the better,
1GB or more RAM,
Monitor resolution of 1024x800 or better.
USB port.

Start and run

It is possible to start program with name of data file as command string parameter. For examples:
        FIELDS.EXE     Cr3a.gep

It is especially convenient to associate "VISUAL EPR" programs with corresponding data files. Since data files for different programs have different extentions, this allows yo to start programs symply by clicking on name of selected data file (our installattor for professional versions make this for you).
The result files are usually saved in the directory from which the data files were taken.

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Extensions of input and otput data files

ENERGY, FIELDS, PARAMS, FAIW, View_Spw need for their work a file with input data and have a menu with an item for reading of data files. Just after loading they show the list of the proper files. You can choose one of them and see the result of this program work on screen.
You can type input data for COSEUL in the program spreadsheet.
For illustration we give also a lot of examples of data files for all programs. In "V_EXAMPL.*"  you can find additional examples of data and result files, which can help you to understand the possibilities of  Visual EPR programs.
Input and output data files for each program have usually special formats and extensions.  
FIELDS use <*.gep> -input files. The files with calculation results of FIELDS (<*.grt>, <*.grm> - file) can be used as input data for FAIW.
Input data files for PARAMS.exe have extensions <*.gep>,  <*.grt> and  <*.grm>.

View_Spw.exe has a system of special names for original spectrum, for filtered, derivated, integrated and simulated spectra.

WARNING: Programs of Visual EPR pakage create one or more output files.

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Lite (demonstration) versions

Lite versions together with the input data files are packed in  ZIP-file:
To install the programs you should copy this file in any directory and unzip it.

Lite versions may be distributed free of charge.
They are working programs, however, they have significantly decreased possibilities in a comparison with professional version and watermarks.

Lite versions of ENERGY, FIELDS and PARAMS are programs with restrictions on parameters of Spin-Hamiltonian:
they use only isotropic g-tensor, isotropic hyperfine tensor and only one of components of axial crystal field (b20).

Lite version of View_Spw and FAIW do not write results on hard disk and have watermarks.

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Why do you need "Visual EPR" programs?

There are several reasons, why you should prefer Visual EPR, but not other programs.

There are several reasons, why you should prefer Visual EPR, but not other programs.

1. The programs were developed during many years. Could you spend so much time to write your own program?
2. They have very simple and convenient interface (they were developed for undergraduate students) and are flexible enough to solve most of your tasks. For instance, a change of point group symmetry, values of electron and nuclear spins, number of equivalent centers or any parameters of spin-Hamiltonian takes few seconds.
3. They are very fast. Using conventional desktop or laptop you can calculate spectra of the trivalent Gd
or divalent Mn in few minutes.
4. They have a lot of unique hints inside, which help you to manage with many difficulties of spectra treatment.
5. They have been tested in several spectroscopic groups from different countries.

6. They work under Windows operational system (from Windows XP to Windows 8).

         You can treat measured spectra and build angular dependence using View_spw.exe, simulate spectra and compare experimental and calculated angular dependencies using Fields_w.exe, and prepare angular dependencies for publication using FAIW.exe.

         These everyday programs will facilitate and accelerate experimental data treatment, enhance trustworthiness of obtained results, improve accuracy of determined characteristics, and increase efficiency of conducted research in laboratories, which need in characterization of magnetic properties.  

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